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Time to Shine

Let's journey to your shining WOHOO!

Do you want to wake up excited for your day?

Do you remember moments when you felt full of energy and ready for action - but that feels far away right now?

Do you catch yourself trying to please others and put their needs ahead of your own?

Are there sides of you that you haven't really lived out yet, that won't leave you alone?

Should something finally change now?

Does that make you feel overwhelmed and you wish you had someone to look at these topics together with?


Then this coaching programme is for you!

Together we pause, push aside the everyday to-do list

and focus again on the things that make you really happy. ​


You have all the resources you need to know and feel

what is important to you and what you want to move to.

I will help you to listen more closely, to trust yourself and

to roll up your sleeves so you can take your next steps.

​​What to expect from this journey?

Just looking inward without taking action often feels like we're just talking all the time.

And in the same way we don't just want to run ahead without a clear vision.

Therefore, this coaching program has two sides:

A loving, compassionate and safe environment for you to share


Wohoo energy to get into action with ease and tons of fun!


 ​ Tune in

We go deep and look at which beliefs you hold on to

and which stories from the past still cost you energy today


 We explore what you need to better deal with intense situations

and how your body can help you ​ with that


We work so gently that your nervous system has time to process all the impressions

so that you can integrate for long-term change.


The methods we use here are conversations, reflections, meditations, breathing exercises

and what feels good to you at the moment


This is your space to train your courage muscles!

Together we explore what you need to dare and let yourself be seen.

And with me you have your personal cheerleader on board! ​


We create concrete action plans and think about fun mini-missions,

that tickle you out of your comfort zone and bring you closer to your goals in a playful way


Here we experiment with music, body & theater exercises - and whatever makes YOU laugh out loud.

If you're having fun, we're on the right track!

How does the coaching work?

In the sessions, we look together at what is currently present for you.

Is it more important to look inwards or to take action today?

Each time can therefore look very different. Here are some possibilities:



Reflection & Mirrioring

Observing & softening your inner monologue



Breathing exercises





Body Practices


Action Plans

Mini Missions

Between two sessions I will always give you a mini mission, with which you can integrate the moving thing in the meantime or take the next step.

I'm in your corner!

All these techniques have accompanied me in recent years

and have helped me feel more clarity and simply joy to be alive!

I bring in all my experience from my professional and personal chapters that form a large toolkit

of yoga, coaching, performance skills, space holding, dance and theater.

And most importantly, I also trust my intuition to feel at the moment how I can best support you.

So with me you have your coach at your side, who will cut straight to point if necessary to get you out of a spiral.

And at the same time a fan - because I sincerely want the best for you.

I will cheer you on and celebrate your successes with you! Wohoo!

This coaching is NOT for you if...

  • You don't really want to make the time to focus on yourself and your dreams at the moment

  • You want a quick fix from the outside

  • You want to process profound trauma. In this case, please seek psychological help

This Coaching is for you if...

  • You want a change and for that you are ready to get active and leave your comfort zone

  • You are open to new perspectives and curious to try different body-oriented techniques

  • You are aware that this journey will also take us to darker places and you are ready to take a closer look there at your own pace

  • You speak German, English, French or Spanish - it is important that you can communicate in your heart language

  • You want to invest in your growth and make coaching a priority


Is it time to say YES to yourself?

To live the life you wish for?

You are worth it!

Dare to listen to your heart.

I'm here to support you on your way!


Time to Shine


6 sessions including the intake session within 3 months

1x 90 min. intake session

5x 60 min. session

2 sessions per month, approx. all 2 weeks

& Mini-Missions between the sessions

Including an onboarding and integration form for your self reflection

Your investment in yourself:

For sessions  via Zoom

1.400 CHF

A payment plan of 470 CHF per month is possible

We can convert to your currency as well

For sessions in the coaching room on site in Zurich:

1.700 CHF

A payment plan of 570 CHF per month is possible

We can convert to your currency as well

Do you have a question?

Please reach out for a non-binding conversation in which we get to know each other.

We will discuss what you wish for and find out, if we both really feel like going on this journey together.

And of course if you wish for another form of support, we can talk about what's possible.

I'm happy to hear from you!


Sharing Circle mit Lea im Karl der Grosse Anmeldung per Mail an hall

I'm happy to hear from you!

I aim to respond within 48 hours.

You can also write me an email directly to:



Thanks for your message. I'll get back to you soon!

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