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I'm Lea

I've always been excited to learn new things. And above all from passionate people whose enthusiasm simply infected me. That's why I developed this deep curiosity for people and what drives them very early on. And that makes it really easy for me to connect.


I am convinced that we all have a passion for something. And if we focus on this, we can create a world in which we thrive and look forward to the future together.


To do this, I create spaces in which we feel comfortable enough to be really real, experiment playfully and like that develop further. I'm excited to see what makes you shine!

Sounds good? Join in:

Let's inspire and empower each other!

My foundation

Even though I have them, I don't believe in certificates. Because they don't come close to expressing what and how much we take with us.

What you will find here are important milestones, courses and mentors from whom I have learned the most and who shape my work and my view of life.

I am constantly exploring more - learning is my passion!

BA in Economics, focus on Event & Cultural Management

International project management

Community building in startup hubs

Hospitality management

Team leadership

Leadership inspired by Brené Brown

Workshop facilitation & moderation

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Embodiment practices

Buddhist teachings

Integral Change Work inspired by & with Kalia Wright

Dynamic & Social Meditations by Osho

Consent Work inspired by Betty Martin

Non Violent Communication inspired by Marshall Rosenberg

Somatic Experiencing according to Peter Levine

Theater, improv, dance & singing in various schools & collectives since childhood and still active today

Burlesque & Feminine Empowerment by Zoe Charles, London

Individual backpacking trips through Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

I have lived, worked, built communities and learned a lot about different cultures in Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, Great Britain and Switzerland.

And above all, I am influenced by the people who are close to me, with whom we seek loving, honest and conflict-ready, solution-oriented exchange.

Thank you!


I am

curious & observing

sensitive & optimistic

at home in Osnabrück, Zurich & London


I like

laughing out loud

DIY & Upcycling projects

observing people


asking questions

Languages - Try me!


I'm inspired by

passionate people

time spent in nature

the human body intelligence

music - making it and moving to it


I want to

cultivate more empathy &. benevolence

encourage people to believe in themselves & dare to go for their dreams

connect people

And who are you?

I'm excited to get to know you!

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