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High Five after Workout

You've got something to say!

With me you will receive individual support so that your message really lands with the audience.

Lots of people have good ideas.

To convey them to other people

is a different skill.

And you can learn that!

If you are passionate about shaping society for the better,

you have come to the right place.

My mission is to make good ideas be heard &

to empower inspiring people to take up space.

That's why I'm excited to support you!

For example, to prepare your keynote, your PhD defense or a pitch.

Or in general, to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others.

Develop a captivating storyline

Connect with your audience

Let your body language underline your message

Learn to deal with stress

Train your pitch

Rehearse & and get feedback

Find the courage to speak up

We start individually where you currently stand.

We'll discuss that in a preliminary call.

Be your most authentic self - also on stage!

No matter if you already love being on stage and would just like some fine-tuning


whether your knees shake at the thought of presenting to others.


In this coaching we focus on your strengths.

So that you can confidently show up in your own style!

Integral Coaching

So that you get the most out of coaching in the long term,

we work together in 3-5 sessions.

We start with an inventory:

Where are you at right now, what are your goals?

Then there is a more detailed examination of your personal topics, experimenting, applying and rehearsals.

And a conclusion, for example with a final rehearsal.

You will receive an on- and offboarding form for self-assessment and

mini-missions in between sessions, so that you can integrate the

 new perspectives into your everyday life.

Your investment in yourself

3-5 sessions within 3 months

Single bookings: 300 CHF / 90 Min.

Package-bookings of 5 sessions: 10% discount 1.350 CHF

For sessions in a coaching room in Zürich,

there's an additional fee of 40 CHF / session.

No fee applied if you can provide a room or we meet online.


You want to get started?

Get in touch for a non binding contact call.

I'm excited to meet you!

Let's build a foundation

I often get asked: What makes a good presentation? How can I feel more confident on stage?

In my experience there are 3 pillars that build a rock solid foundation to feel great and radiate that:

How does that sound to you? Do you feel called to apply all this right away? I'd love to support you with that!


DSC_2784 (5)_edited.jpg

"Lea accompanied me in four valuable coaching sessions. She guided me sensitively and with the right critical questions to improve my keynote presentations. However, we worked far beyond that, on the one hand concentrating on the definition and implementation of my message and on the other hand I learned tools and techniques, e.g. for breathing, in order to be able to better deal with nervousness before a performance. I now feel well equipped to continue working on myself independently. I know my strengths that I can build on and I'm looking forward to go into my future performances with confidence and enthusiasm!”
Daniela Christen New Work  & Communication Expert,

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