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Our vision is to create a conscious playground where we (re)learn and remember how to create with our hands, hearts and bodies a more colorful and beautiful world. Our core group consists of therapists, teachers and coaches in fields varying from yoga, to massage, breathwork to mindfulness and singing to tai-chi. We create and facilitate creative, playful and nourishing environments. Aside from our core group we have a large network of workshop facilitators who support us. 


We offer a space for people to experience a natural high through connecting with our inner world and each other. We bring depth, playfulness, and consciousness to events. Spaces where guests can recharge and experience something new.

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part of collective Kreatura


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"Lea accompanied me in four valuable coaching sessions. She guided me sensitively and with the right critical questions to improve my keynote presentations. However, we worked far beyond that, on the one hand concentrating on the definition and implementation of my message and on the other hand I learned tools and techniques, e.g. for breathing, in order to be able to better deal with nervousness before a performance. I now feel well equipped to continue working on myself independently. I know my strengths that I can build on and I'm looking forward to go into my future performances with confidence and enthusiasm!”
Daniela Christen New Work  & Communication Expert,

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