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I'm making my dreams come true!
I'm making my dreams come true!

Sun, Jan 08


Free Virtual Event on Zoom

I'm making my dreams come true!

Vision Board Workshop Let's use the energy of the new year to connect with our dreams and give them the space they deserve and need to actually become a reality.

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Time & Location

Jan 08, 2023, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM GMT+1

Free Virtual Event on Zoom

About the event

This Vision Board Session is here to help you manifest your desires & wishes for the future. When we take time to specifically visualize what we want, we create a whole new momentum. To do this together with other open hearted people is not only much more fun, it also gives more power to our visions. Because you never know: Maybe the first door towards your goal can already be opened within this commuity.

Wait, what exactly is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a physical or digital representation of our desires and goals. There are no limits to our creativity here. Collages can be made, labeled, painted, glued and whatever else comes to mind. If you work with a digital version, it can be your collection of photos, texts paintings put together on a canva board or in a presentation. You choose your favorite tools.  

Since I started using Vision Boards, a lot of my heartfelt dreams have already come true. For example, I've read my poetry live in front of a hundered people. I've dreamed about this for such a long time and in 2022 it became real. There is something magic about really envisioning that what you want to create. 

If you hang up the finished Vision Board somewhere you can see it every day, it is a great way to remind yourself regularly of your dreams. A bit like a compass really. "There was something.... Ah right! This is what I want to move to!"

What to expect in the session?

We will be a small group of open hearted people. After a quick intro, we will start with a meditation to arrive in the moment and connect deeply with ourselves.  

Then we'll get creative and have time to shape our own Vision Boards. Yeay! 

At the end we will close the round with a short voluntary sharing. About your specific goals or the process. It's always super exciting to see what each of you individually takes away from it. And of course, by voicing what we want, we can create ripple effects that help us to manifest.

Let's then round the whole thing up with a celebration!

What do you need?

If you want to make a physical Vision Board, I recommend you bring these supplies: A big sheet of paper, scissors, glue, magazines, colorful pens, decorations... Anything goes really.

If you work with your laptop, you can use presentations, canva or any other tool you like  and add pictures or screenshots from things you find online.

In both cases, find a quite space in which you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed for the 2 hours. Items like a blanket, pillows, candles and a nice cup of tea can help you to get in the special vibe. You are creating your space!

What else?

This free session is a gift of mine to help you start the new year with an energy boost. Feel free to invite a friend along.

Let's do this! :)

I'm so happy to hold this space for you.

With love, yours Lea

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